Grand Oils

Cooking oil is essential in the preparation of dishes, particularly in southern India. The majority of the food is prepared by sprinkling oil on top to add flavour and taste. Cooking oil is most commonly used in frying, where it acts as a heat transfer medium and adds flavour and texture to foods. Coconut, palmolein, and sunflower oils will provide you with the best results in all types of food. Hykco Grand Oils brings you the best and healthiest oils to prepare your favourite dishes.

Since 2001

Happiness In Every Meal

Food is lovely in and of itself since it is prepared with joy and enthusiasm. Hykco provides you with far too much true happiness by supplying high-quality products that let you prepare delicious cuisine for every meal you prepare. Our food items are of great quality, resulting in healthy insides and delicious recipes that give you a high level of enjoyment, which is why Hykco products are different from others.

Quality Packaging

Our manufacturers would fold the products and dispatch them in high-quality packets to their appointed locations. Our product packaging is one-of-a-kind and eye-catching. Our uniqueness in typefaces and layouts make an increase in our sales, and our unique packets and catchy that will draw attraction in the eyes of people to suit the taste of clients. Our packets are non-toxic and will not pollute or harm the environment.

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